Where the Needs of Our Patients Come First.
You'll Recognize the Difference...
Cambria Veterinary Clinic-- An Integrative Veterinary Clinic and Pet Pharmacy in beautiful Cambria, CA.
What We Do

At Cambria Veterinary Clinic, WE PREVENT DISEASE IN YOUR PET. We do this with a wellness program tailored to your pet and their health risks, using HOLISTIC MEDICINE that incorporates nutrition, herbal therapy, and homotoxicology… and even the occasional vaccine. But we don’t stop there.

WE DIAGNOSE AND SOLVE YOUR PET’S HEALTH ISSUES, using both COMPASSION and the MOST MODERN TECHNOLOGY around, including digital radiography, video endoscopy, and in house laboratory. WE PREVENT PAIN AND SUFFERING with ADVANCED PET DENTISTRY and INTEGRATIVE PAIN TREATMENT for the older pet.

And above all else, we partner with you.

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What We Believe

We believe in INTEGRITY. Kind of old fashioned, really. We’ll treat you and your pet as family, and that takes trust.

We believe in DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN FOR YOUR PET. We’ll use advanced diagnostics, the best in traditional medicine, and skilled surgery when needed. We’ll use nutrition and herbs and homotoxicology. Because your pet counts.

We believe in COMMUNICATION, because we consider you our partner in optimizing your pet’s health.

We believe in VALUE, because … although, truth be told, we’re not very religious…. there’s this thing called the Golden Rule.

Most of all, we believe in the LOVE OF A PET.

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Solving Your Pet’s Pain

YOUR PET’S QUALITY OF LIFE IS EVERYTHING– TO THEM, TO YOU, AND TO US.  We take an INTEGRATIVE APPROACH to solving your pet’s pain, starting with the very best in digital imaging for the most accurate diagnosis possible.  If your pet needs SURGERY  or ADVANCED DENTAL CARE, we will treat them like our own child.  We use a holistic approach to the painful pet, integrating not only traditional pain relievers, but also using years of experience with NUTRITION, HERBAL, and HOMEOPATHIC PRODUCTS in the treatment of your pet.  We also work closely with specialists in PET MASSAGE, ACUPUNCTURE,  and CHIROPRACTICS.  Because, after all, YOUR PET DESERVES THE BEST!!

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